About Us

Who are we?

Talent Ticker is a market intelligence & media firm that organises the world’s information to provide deep insights and predictive analytics on staffing trends for organisations. We take human intuition and power this with machine intelligence (AI) to provide organisations with data enabling them to make smarter decisions and spot the trends before they are trending. An intelligent platform for Business Leaders, Professionals, Consultancies, HR and Recruiters who service or are within the Banking & Financial Services industry. Staffing intelligence to enhance your business whilst protecting it from the threats.

Our People

Our small but mighty talented workforce pack quite the punch with experience ranging from Silicon Valley tech companies, to London Recruitment companies.

Our tech team come from media, sporting, gaming, entertainment and other specialisms hailing from Universities such as Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews & Cardiff University. This varied work force allows us to combine thoughts and ideas and provide a more rounded solution, improving the overall product.

Nick Vaughan


Aled Jones

Head of Engineering

Matt Fitzgerald

Head of Product

Niomi Cowling

Head of Marketing

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